Born and bred "on the rock" a tiny Island in the Med - called Malta to parents rich with love, but otherwise on the poverty line. I grew up hungry in every possible way for food and knowledge.

Through a career as TV anchor and one of the top female entrepreneurs in Malta – and having travelled to more than 100 destinations, I help people like yourself, dreaming huge, but struggling in your first year of business. I create a clarity of what you need to do to achieve success. Step by Step.

But How Did It Really Start? - I still guest appear in shows and that is a standard question.

My father was a driver at the local bank and dreamt that I would become a banker.  I concurred. A clerk would have sufficed but I studied finance and on graduation and ranked 10th worldwide.

But my heart was elsewhere.  I became a top TV presenter by the age of 20 – with Good Morning Malta – a six-hour marathon live program which is still remembered today 35 years later.

By the age of 24, my life was a total jumble. I was still working at the bank as a manager now, I was the best TV anchor on the Island, I was teaching Law Related to Finance and making good money….. but guess what my heart was just not in it.

At the 25 I QUIT!! I left “my comfort zone”. I was labelled crazy leaving a 9.00 – 5.00 job that was “safe and secure”. I broke the chains that were shackling my real growth.

Luckily I went to Hong Kong – a trip which was monumental for a small island girl in Europe. And my eyes saw wonders.

I came back home and started my first real entrepreneur job – a furniture business – an ambitious attempt to reproduce Chinese Furniture from a local production (imports were prohibited at the time).

In no time I had a chain of retail stores appropriately called “Orienta” and a team of furniture workshops and artists “emulating” Chinese furniture.

Later, I developed an interior design business, which grew into property business and finally left the Island to go and live in another Island very far from home.

I moved to Bali in 2010 and I slowly started building my business mentoring business to new entrepreneurs from the bottom up.

I’ve chased my tail. I lived burn out. I broke my back in 2006 in a massive car accident that left me in a bed for months – but nothing could break my spirit.

I am the living proof that you do not need resources to become successful – you only need to BE RESOURCEFUL.

Although, I have had a formal education in Finance, I went through it whilst working.  I am not a huge believer in traditional education.

We are living the age of “self-education” which is making classic education partly redundant.

I believe that I learnt best from life.  I got more out of the UNIVERSITY OF LIFE – than an classic form of Education.

I truly believe that Millennials should learn the SHORT-CUT TO SUCCESS from those who have already experienced failure rather than from books.


I dared to break the rules of tradition.

I believe that you must have the hunger to never stop learning - if you want to grow and succeed in today’s world!

We live in this beautiful world where self-education is just a button away.  Millennials are famous for self-gratification at the push of a button.  It is a very unfair term to those who bring their whole self to the table and want to grow – even with very little means.

Every person is born with a set of gifts.  Each and every one of us was placed on this earth with a mission.


Granted that no mission will be achieved without a fair amount of hard work – and a dose of luck or grace or omens (whichever part of the world you come from).



With the First Lady of Malta Mrs. Kate Gonzi on the official opening of Orienta new 2000 square metre showroom back in 2009

Back in 1995 during a live program of Good Morning Malta

Recently with the rest of the Team “Loose Women” preparing to start the show.

I have been blessed with a full and varied life and it continues to grow and expand because I am always Education of Life.


I have spoken about the University of Life.  This is my accumulated knowledge of more than 35 years in business.  I have failed forward. I have achieved and I failed again.  But I NEVER LOOK BACK!   

My enthusiasm is UNSTOPPABLE  and my passion is PROFOUND.  I know that I can give you the Blue Print for Success– because I have the short-cut that cuts through the trials and errors.

In this site you will find a bundle of free training programs as well as inspiration advice.  We work together, hand in hand, on your mindset, where you stand and the 30ft view which a Generation X can gift to a Millennial.

Together we will work on your personal legend and turn you into the next success story.